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Skills contest, showing true skills

Release date:2017-07-11 14:18:25
The charm of May, passion! Shandong Luli Steel Co. Ltd., Shandong Lu Li Forging Machinery Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as steel, casting and forging company) since workers skills contest started from May, through the activities of the notice issued under, each member of the unit contest program development, staff training job training, the members of the arena competition etc. This is like a raging fire in skills contest.
In order to strengthen the construction of highly skilled personnel, broaden the channels for the growth of skilled personnel. To improve the quality of workers, steel casting company, company to "practice technical quality" as the starting point, the organization carried out a steel, casting and forging technology contest activities, activities closely linked to the job training to build a new power, enhance the skills and promote development "theme, involving a total of 5 jobs, 188 players to participate in the company's contest. In the form of practical contest contest based.
The workers skills contest activities are iron and steel, casting and forging operation since the merger jointly organized the first session of the skills contest, competition is divided into 5 groups (group, electrical equipment group, quality inspection group, lathe group, gas protection group), gathered 188 front-line workers to participate in skills contest, contestants in the summer work of Lu Li installed, showing the Luli steel company, casting and forging, full of youthful spirit positive spirit of solidarity and team spirit.
One minute on the stage takes ten years. On the ring competition speed, actual combat test skills, but also shows their deep skills, internal strength". The contest of steel, casting and forging company our elites actively preparing to go all out, the successful completion of the ability to create a sophisticated technology, high quality workforce, to contribute to promote the iron and steel, casting and forging, scientific and healthy development.

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